• Cafe Crystallize

     Tên gọi Crystallize hay Cafe” mô tả một sự hoàn hảo của các đồ dùng thuỷ tinh mà cắt lớp ¼ và nó trong suốt hoặc đầy màu sắc.

  • Ancient Restaurant

    Ancient Restaurant, that is published collections of individual ancient marvels of the century to complete authentic Asian dishes and watch the landscape from high above the city . 

  • Hai-P Club

    Hai – P means health club Haiphong. A place to escape the pressures of business and fatigue after travel and dream is to relax and rejuvenate treatments of beauty, the fostering of full body and soul creativity, then stimulated alertness and bring new vitality to life ready for the challenges of a new day.

  • Banquet and Meeting

    With two rooms name is Mê Linh and Cầu Đất was derived from two historic streets of the city of Hai Phong. Located at 3 and 4 floors of the hotel Classic Hoàng Long,Mê Linh and Cầu Đất has a total area 400m2 ...

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